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Frequently asked questions ?

How does the free trial work?

Our trial includes for all "Starter" and "Basic" plan a 15 days free pack of Dynubo.com, for no charges. Your paying plan will pick up automatically when your trial ends.

What makes Dynubo.com different from other IoT app platforms?

Dynubo.com IoT Platform specialized in linking business IoT field operations to management applications and operators. We believe IoT as a stack, and Dynubo.com is one of the layer. You own your data in our cloud and can connect it to your existing ICT system. As Dynubo.com is agnostic in it's use, you can use Dynubo.com for all your IoT projects. And while you can separately manage different projects, you can analyse all data together to improve the information value. We're helping companies quickly and affordably provide IoT driven applications without custom software development or heavy IT support.

Who sets up and maintains my Account?

Depending on your needs, we provide setup, configuration and/or maintenance.
For a full project setup requiring field installation we work with partners who will grow your idea to a full functional project.
For account setup and maintenance we have special plans. Contact us for more information.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard credit cards and Paypal via our payment partner. For annual plans, you can request a digital or paper invoice to fulfill by bank transfer.

What is the subscription period?

We offer plans with monthly and annual subscriptions.

How do I avoid to exceed my package?

You will be warned before proceeding to manual actions (adding devices for example) causing you to exceed your package limits. All other limits have extended volume prices.

How do I avoid unexpected large charges?

Dynubo.com provides limitations plugins to avoid unexpected charges.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Of course; upgrade at any time! If you are on an annual plan we will automatically discount the remaining months of your new plan.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel a paid plan at any time. We recommend modifying your subscription at least a couple of days before the next scheduled payment. If you cancel or downgrade your plan, you won't be able to use the advanced features anymore. The remaining account balance, pro-rated, will be used for later billing cycles or for new purchases. We do not offer refunds, however.

Do you have special discounts for non-profit and educational organizations?

Yes, we offer special pricing for non-profit and educational organizations. Contact us for more information on these plans.

Is it possible to use Dynubo on premise ?

Yes of course ! We have special plans for single site on-premise and corporate level on-premise. Contact us for more information on these plans.

Who sees my data ?

Your data are secured in a cloud hosted data-lake and only seen by the allowed members of your teams. You can access your data from Dynubo.com IoT Platform and from the API gateway. Contact us for more information about our data retention policy.

Can I have multiple user access?

Dynubo.com provides a full-featured user and right management. Starting with Dynubo.com provides you a Client account in which you can setup one or more Teams. Users can be invited to join each team with seperated rights.

What is counted as device?

We count all the end-devices that are managed from Dynubo.com. For example, assume you take a Raspberry Pi and connect a bunch of sensors to it, you would have one device regardless of the number of sensors. If you connect ten smart meters connected through a Wi-Fi gateway, and you manage both the Wi-Fi gateway and the smart meters from Dynubo.com, you would have ten devices. The number of devices is displayed on the administration home page.

What is counted as Inbound Data Transfer?

Inbound Data Transfer refers to the total number of requests performed to transfer data into Dynubi.com IoT Platform. This includes sensor readings, alarms, events and operations are transferred between devices and the Dynubo.com IoT platform using the REST, MQTT and/or other interfaces. A request could also originate from a custom microservice, website or any other client.

Are my data secure in the cloud?

The data that you store in Dynubo.com is stored on high performance storage systems (using SSD) with guaranteed I/O performance so that you can rapidly retrieve it. Compared to storage of data in hard disks, SSD storage with guaranteed performance is multiple times more expensive. New data are immediately copied to multiple disks, to offer a very high level of data integrity.

How can Dynubo fulfill my custom requirements?

Dynubo offer to develop custom requirements for it's clients. Contact us for more information.

What support do I get?

All customers receive Email level support as outlined in our service level agreement. For Priority support, or Single tenant level support, please contact us.

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