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A powerful and user friendly platform providing all the necessary tools for your IoT projects, and more!

  • Build dashboards with drag & drop actions
  • Payload decompilation made easy
  • Correct data deviation
  • Compute business based data on the fly
  • Connect Dynubo to your existing IT system

Dynubo feature categories

The solution construct itself around four main feature categories. Each of the categories has sub features completing your needs.


Connect and configure device types and devices. Define incoming data, decompile payloads and correct data deviation.

See Integration

Data processing

From new incoming data, configure business based data and global health indicators on the fly. Add alarms and monitoring to new data.

See Data processing


Compose dashboards, configure automated reports and work with the advanced analysis tools.

See Visualization


Get data from Dynubo to a BI tool or your existing IT system. Benefit from the various plugins capabilities.

See plugins


Read and work your data to your end with different visualization and analysis tools. As those features are key for all users, they are especially simple to use. Dashboards are Drag & Drop built and easy to exploit. Manage a team of users with access rights and provide access to analytics tools from office to the field.


Simplicity and modularity are their DNA. Dashboards are widget based and completely customisable. Build your own dashboard to analyse or to display overall status. The outcomes have no end.


Receive custom reports at your best periodicity with the information that is important to you.

Analysis & Prediction

Go further with your data. Identify problems origins and understand your most complex field readings. No business application is off scope of the analysis tool as you can build your own analysis functions on top of the predefined functions.

Data processing

Collecting field data is the first essential part. However raw data are often far away from the operational information you are looking for. Therefore, Dynubo provides the Business Data and Cross data features. Both allows to compute the right meaningful information on the fly.
Furthermore, Add alarms and automated monitoring capabilities to your system.

Business data

Compute values from the incoming data as for instance a global health indicator for your asset. This feature let compute business oriented data according to your needs out of the mass of raw data.

Cross data

Close to the business data, Cross data makes it possible to process at once data from multiple sensors having the same business focus. For example, place 3 different sensors on a manufacturing tool and isolate a global health indicator.


Set thresholds, geo-fencing, detect lack of data, and monitor precise value occurrence or frequencies, or setup custom monitoring logics that can each have a set of rules and action. Receive notifications, emails or an SMS right when an error occur, and generate alarm reports that focus on the failures.


Integration consist in connecting Internet of Things devices to Dynubo. This step is important and made easy with the furnished documentation. If you are having trouble, Dynubo offers an integration plan to accompany you in the setup of your project.

Configure devices

Connect and configure devices. Define incoming data and make your monitoring change proof. If you have newer or different devices, Dynubo normalize the incoming data regardless the hardware version.

Define values and positions

For each device you can set specific properties to your devices; as the location, configuration parameters or any other business related data.

Easily decompose complex payloads

IoT biggest pain is inter-connection. Dynubo provides the tools to make connections simple, reliable and evolutive.

Correct data deviation

Some devices have deviations over time and their data needs to be corrected or processed before being meaningful. Dynubo corrected data module makes that task easy.


Dynubo comes with multiple plugins increasing the capabilities of the system. Here are some of them described

Export data

Dynubo is a operational tool that can be part of a larger tool stack. You can connect other tools, make data publically available or export data to standard files.

Import data

Multiple protocols and security approaches are available to push new data to Dynubo. This plugin assist with the setup.

Device group

Managing large device groups can become difficult. Order devices and create pools, then give custom permissions.

Meta data analysis

This plugin reads the meta data and detect device malfunctions to inform and prevent unwanted consequences.

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