Internet of Things
CMS solution

Digitalize your infrastructure with IoT
  • Monitor your work environment and processes
  • In-depth data insights
  • Manage risks and prevent loss
  • Automate surveillance
  • For whom ?

(CMS) Central Monitoring System

Create seamless IoT projects

Use leading technology that adapt to any business, industry, production or surveillance task. You'll enjoy flexible features to fit your Internet of Things (IoT) project with single integration.

  • Connect devices
  • Process data and monitor
  • Visualize and share

Connect and Management

Connect devices and data sources easily using different 0G, IoT oriented or industrial protocols.


Read data through adaptive dashboards using the user-friendly drag-and-drop dashboard builder.

Complexity made simple

Overcome IoT complexity with the powerful and easy to use scripting tool.

Secure and confidential

Your data are safely hosted in a first class secured system. Own your data easily.


Set rules, alarms and automate reports to monitoring your processes.

Application domains

Dynubo aggregates data from various sources regardless the business cases. But it provides the flexibility to cover all complexity and allow you to design business-oriented dashboards and reports. This ability to handle different use cases while being adaptive makes it the perfect central tool monitor all your infrastructure.

Industry 4.0

Monitor machine operation, hours of operation, fault identification, internal or external operating parameters. Remote facility management can be used to manage complex equipment remotely or develop a preventive maintenance strategy.

Smart cities

The smart city is so thanks to its citizens. Cities are facing challenges, some of which can be totally or partially solved thanks to the Internet of Things.

Building and energy management

You probably already know which buildings are using the most energy, but do you know which ones are using the most even when they're busy or quiet? Do you know the impact weather has on your energy consumption? Who consumes and when?

Cold storage

Storing food in the EU or working to the HACCP standard? Recording temperatures regularly with busy staff can lead to costly mistakes. We provide a fully compliant solution with zero ongoing effort.


Know your vehicle position and status, onboard equipment and filling level. Operate and coordinate with the right information.

Asset tracking

Cost-effective sensors with incredible battery life can let you know where your stuff is. Know where it has been, how long it's spent in each location, or which assets are in the wrong places.

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